Question about this lecture

I did not have any audio jumps in my game before this lecture, however i did not copy the music player option over to my Level_01 scene. So i was wondering if the cause of this error or lack there of is simply caused by the double instancing of the music player itself, that is to say i have the persistent audio from start menu to start menu with only creating and destroying additional instance on the Start Menu scene itself. I did not add to the Level_01 scene as i thought it would cause a redundancy of itself and conflict. Additionally, I was wondering if this could cause any issues down the line with a single BGM game setup?

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Hi Josh,

I was the same, I never had a music player in Level01, and never had the double music issue. The issue it seems to me was caused by failing to remove the extra music player we put into Leve01 temporarily to prove the destruction functionality. So I am wondering is this really a bug or just sloppy code maintenance? Should we not have removed the player after testing?

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