Question about the NULL subsystem

Sam, I set the default directive in DefaultEngine.ini file

  1. [OnlineSubsystem]
    DefaultPlatformService=<Default Platform Identifier

and get the Warning message, but Subsystem’s name is NULL as in your case

  1. Is this NUlLL same as your NULL ?
  2. why the Default order (1) is problem? it’s not match Unreal or Steam ?

I’m not sure where you got that syntax from but it looks wrong. It think <Default Platform Identifier> is meant to be replaced by an actual identifier.

Sorry My questions was not clear

  1. In our case DefaultPlatformService value is NULL ( DefaultPlatformService=NULL) and as you told NULL is provide a minimum online service. and what is the Base value of DefaultPlatformService which is not minimum ?

  2. why we are using NULL ?
    other case it’s not compatible with Steam or there is something else ?

I’m not sure if it NULL is the default. I think at the time of the course it would give you no OSS at all if you didn’t configure one. We are using NULL as a stand in so we don’t need to configure Steam just yet.

No NULL is not default value and more even I put different value example: DefaultPlatformService=XXXXX I get the same output Log: Found Subsystem NULL

  1. is or not difference between thus two NULL-s and what difference ?
  2. what is default value of OSS configuration and why can’t we use it ?

sorry for so many questions

There should be no difference between those two NULL subsystems. So it would seem that NULL is being selected as the default if you put an invalid name in there.

Have you tried removing DefaultPlatformService from the config and seeing what the log reports?

Yes I have tried it but code have not worked

IF statement became false

it seems that NULL is not zero
but I don’t understand what is the configuration which we put in DefaulEngine.ini file (DefaultPlatformService=NULL)
and is this means configuration at all. if I can put it any random name?

Well I think that answers it. If you don’t put anything in the config, no OSS is configured. If you put any string in the config then it will configure a the subsystem you specify and if it fails to find it falls back to the NULL subsystem. Remember the NULL subsystem is not a null pointer, those are two different things.

I think what’s going on is that Unreal assumes that the subsystem you configured exists (even if it’s just a nonsense string) but that it doesn’t work on the current platform. So it always uses the NULL subsystem as a fallback.

Now it’s more clear but last question:
What means “it doesn’t work on the current platform” ? if it’s not work how can I use it?

AHA it’s Clear in a few lectures later
this configuration is for Steam and because Steam we have not included yet configuration is NULL
and at this moment we only use Online Sub-System

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