Question about shadows


I was doing the lighting and noticed this:

It might be outside the scope of this course but was interested as to what causes this black stripe along the wall. I tried messing around with the directional light but that’s not causing it. Using latest UE5, 5.11? if that has anything to do with it.

I’m not sure what would be causing it either, but I’m curious to know if it persists after you try to build the lighting for the level.

I did try building the lighting again after messing around with it more. After realizing that my player start was in the wrong direction I rotated my level 180 degrees and now the black line is on the other side. UE has some funny quirks…

Well it’s not game breaking, just a minor issue visually, but it’s interesting to learn what can cause this kind of behavior for future reference.

Just a random thought, is there a directional light in your level?

Yea, I did use it, it was part of the course right?

Yup, I double-checked the project on github just to make sure. The directional light in that project is pointing in the same direction as the level, so it makes sense you don’t see shadows like you have there.

I’m pretty sure I tried rotating it but it didn’t change anything, well it was just a minor issue anyway.

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