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Originally I posted this under the announcement on Udem then I realized that you probabbly can’t answer it there as udemy doesn’t provide such option so I made a post here

So the 3D course won’t be remastered from the beggining right? Because thanks god then I don’t have to wait for it, don’t get me wrong this new content is much better than the old but always had to be waiting for it to arrive like when you watch a really good series and you have to wait, it’s terrible :smiley: As I finish 3D I’ll buy the blender course then the RPG which I’m really hyped about. Also will you remove the old content from the 2D course? Please, they are in the archive that you provided but you could remove it from here (the bowl master, twin sticks, etc… the old content, that wasn’t made with Rick) because this way I can’t get the certificate of this course without watching those as well. You are the best, I bought some other programming related courses here but most of them were ****, some were pretty good but all that I bought from you is way better, so happy that I found you, you helped me a lot on my gamedev journey and you still do. So keep up the good work and thanks for all the help, all your courses totally worth it.

Hi Richard,

You could post on the Q&A on Udemy, there isn’t anything to stop you, all course-content-related questions are typically posted there if they require a response from an instructor/student-instructor.

The content in the 2D course which isn’t going to be remastered is scheduled to be moved to the Graveyard course, which students would be given access to so that they can access the content as required.

With regards to your certificate, whilst it is only a certificate of completion, if you are desperate to get this, you could just click on the circles against each lecture. That marks the lecture as complete regardless of whether you’ve watched it or not, do that for about 100 lectures and you can fast track to that certificate. Or, just wait a little while until they are moved to the Graveyard course.

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I’m desperate :smiley: I just want a picture of completing this awesome course :heart: But I’ll wait for the graveyard :slight_smile: Thank you for your answer!

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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