Question about migrating courses to

Hello, Ben and Team. I’m curious about migrating courses from Udemy to

I’ve migrated my courses and noticed that progress does not move over. Also, is there a mobile app (I have Andriod), as I do sometimes use my phone to view the courses?

Thanks for all you guys/gals do!

Hi Robert,

Did you follow the instruction on this webpage?

Udemy has got an app.

He’s asking if the new courses site has the ability to watch on android, not Udemy as he has stated that he already uses the Udemy android app.

I also use the Udemy android app so would like to know if it will be the same with the non Udemy courses.

Thanks, noise, you are correct. I’m asking if there is an app for If I’m going to switch my courses over, I would like at least the experience I get with Udemy.

Also, I went through the steps necessary on the page provided by Nina, but my courses migrated, but none of my progress.

This is concerning to me, and does not make me want to switch from using Udemy.

Have I missed something? Are we supposed to be watching/migrating to instead of Udemy?

Hi Jamie,

You are not obliged to migrate your courses to However, if Udemy has got technical problems again, you would be able to proceed with the course anyway.


That’s great to know, thank you.

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