Question about Input Binding

You’ve showed us a couple ways to handle input binding. You showed us C++ Binding using the appropriate macros to handle this (with the Grabber class in BuildingEscape), as well as Blueprint binding with BattleTank movements and rotations.

My question is: Was this just to show us that there are multiple solutions (and for us to choose preferences) or do you feel there are certain circumstances where one method is preferable over the other? See, to me, with my “programmer” inclinations, I love that we can do this through C++; but I think that it would be more feasible to handle this through Blueprint (especially if working with a designer). Especially so with the macros requiring hard-coded string references to the Input Binding settings…

Just want to get your input on this (and anyone else who would like to comment or discuss)

PS: I felt this wasn’t directly enough related to any lecture to warrant placing it in Q.A. If you feel it’s suited for that, let me know and I’ll re-ask there as well!!

Hi Bryant, the category is fine here.

Yes I was showing you variety. I prefer to avoid the string-referencing in general and do input binding in Blueprint per BattleTank.

As you say it depends on your relationship with your designer, or your designer self!

Enjoy the course(s)!

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