Question about different game types


I know there isn’t one correct answer for this, but thought to ask it anyway to get some feedback and ideas (and conversation is always good, right?). I have lots of ideas for different types of games that would be cool projects and currently have three ideas that I have thought more than others. Using UE5, which of the following would be the most approachable as a project:

a game that has 4X and XCOM style turnbased gameplay as it’s base,

a game that has vehicle combat (something like mechwarrior where the POV is from the inside), FPS mechanics, semi open world and maybe some multiplayer mechanics

or a game that has a open world, some survival and base building elements but has a story so it’s not like most open ended survival games are where the gameplay is all there is.

I would assume the survival open world could be the easiest of these, but I would love any feedback!

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