Question about code formatting

Just curious why PascalCase is the naming standard for variables as opposed to camelCase ?

That’s something that only EPIC might have an answer for…

C++ doesn’t have a standard naming convention. All companies would have adopted their own; and that’s what Epic settled on.

(Personally, I hate camelCase, IMO it’s the second worst style - first being ALL_CAPS which makes it the perfect style for macros).

ALL_CAPS for macros is so old an convention it might even predate C (for languages of that time that were case sensitive, anyway).

Personally I like to have a distinction between types and methods, and variables (as is done in C# as used in Unity)…

In the end it’s a matter of getting used to one style that is used in a project and stay consistent with other peoples’ code… One might not like it but being the “odd one” whose code always sticks out isn’t helping anyone, either…

(Interestingly, Golang has a styleguide for code formatting that comes with the language and the toolset includes a formatter and the compiler will issue at least warnings if the formatting doesn’t comply to the style…)

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