Quarternion rotation breaks elevation

In the video one of @Bens AI tanks aims upwards which ben says “Hes taking a high arc”, I have found this not to be true in my case and may be the same for all.
On occasion aiming straight ahead (I clamped my view to 0-50 in blueprint so it cant flip the view), the tank will aim to its maximum clamped elevation and get stuck there until you rotate the turret around and play with elevation.
Its at this point it releases the aim.
Not sure how or why it does this but the only diiferences in my project is that my terrain is different and my clamping of the viewport

I found my AI tanks have the same behaviour given the same circumstances/variables.

EDIT :- In the next video the AI tanks are fixed of this issue but the player tank on mine is not. I think it must be something to do with the terrain and hitlocation but will look into later when i redo the terrain.

Yeah, I turned off clamping to see what was happening and got this result with the turret just continually rotating anti-clockwise.

Would also point 90deg downwards too.

Thanks guys, there is a problem with using their method so I’ve decided to go back 3 lectures and teach rotations in a lot more depth. We’ve spent 1.5 days diving deep into this and thinking how to teach it, and I plan to re-record from this video onwards over the weekend