Quantum Collisions - My Block Breaker 2D

Posting after quite a while. This is a long one.

1.5 years into my gamedev journey, finally convinced myself to put something out there. Came back to the Unity 2D course, this time equipped with some polished experience. Gave myself a deadline, rebuilt the Block Breaker, tried to work on the aesthetics and the game moment, and so, following @Rick_Davidson’s 3-game strategy, here I am with my first actual game that I’m proud to share.

I’m calling it Quantum Collisions. It’s a neon '80s-themed casual Block Breaker with 3 levels. Might release a fuller version later.

I’ve tried to keep it simple, with my focus on the color palette, the animations, and on making the collisions feel good.

Take out a few minutes to give it a play, and let me know if you’re blinded by the lights.

For Windows/Linux/macOS, download it from:

untitled untitled1 untitled2

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Wow! I’m mind blown by your game! Phenomenal job! Looks great and reminds me a lot of tron!

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Thank you so much man. The constant support has kept me going.

I actually took inspiration from Color Switch and a lot of the ‘80s themed music these days.

Planning to keep on sharing cool stuff. :v:

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Awesome stuff. What else have you been working on?

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