Quality, Builds, Resolution and Shadows

Just an FYI, in case anyone else runs into this issue. I had recently been doing some test builds of a project that I’m working on that’s unrelated to Gamedev.tv’s courses (aside from all the knowledge I’ve gained here I mean). I noticed that when I did my build version, shadows were not showing up and the resolution was poor, no anti-aliasing and just generally poor quality. So after some digging I realized my quality settings were the issue. I then selected ultra quality for my build and was sure this would fix the issue. Unfortunately the game still ran in the lowest possible quality setting, no shadows, no effects, just not good. More research led to the fact that the resolution dialogue that had previously run when a Unity game was first launched has been deprecated.

Long story short, if you want to give players the ability to change quality settings and resolution, you now can do it via script. Quality Settings and Resolutions are good places to start.

Hope this helps someone else who is having this same issue.

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