Quad View makes modeling the face much easier

Modeling the face becomes much easier using Quad View (CTRL + ALT + Q to toggle).

This is either caused by my inability to use proportional editing efficiently - it always ends up in a mess - or due to my CAD background, where quad view is the default.



I use this in combination with Ctrl space.
And with main menu > window > Toggle full screen.


Great idea. Will give it a try.

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I have the same problem. I first started with 3Ds MAX then animation master then blender. Helpful tip. n-panel->view tab->Quad view panel-> if you check box or sync zoom/pan (Depending on your blender version) when you zoom or pan a defined view(Top, Right, or Front) it will do the same to the others. You can also uncheck Lock then all views are freed. You can change them to any of the 6 views(Front, Back, Right, Left, Top, or Bottom) then when you check lock it will have the new views. Sometimes I need the back more than the top so I’ll switch top to back view. Also I’ll turn off Region Overlap(F4->Preference->Interface->Editors->Region Overlap. This keeps the n-panel and toolbar from overlapping the quad view which is helpful for me when I’m rigging an animating since I use the n-panel to access a lot of options.


I’m from Rhino CAD :smiley:

I’ll give these settings a try.

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