Pyramid with stairs completed but with a necessary tweak. Can somebody clarify?

So, after having made the first step, I continue to apply the array modifier so as to multiply them but I had to place the x axis to a negative number so that they would go in the right direction, upward. I have generally seen, during the construction of my pyramid , that I had to use negative numbers to get the same results as those achieved in the video. I figure that I must have something wrong and I am suspecting my normals but I can´t quite put my finger on it. Could anybody help? I am attaching the file.

Thanks in advance.

pyramid.blend (433.6 KB)


I think you may have started working in the opposite direction than Mike’s did on his video.


i had the same problem. And i thought that i resolved it: when i push the bottom add modifier + array my stair appear on the right side like in your case Yannis, but i change “relative offset”. But the next step i wanna to “count” stairs and there was a problem - my stairs wasn’t ideal like in the video. They weren’t equidistant. Somebody can help us?

Hi Yanis,

Your model isn’t centered. This could be what is causing your coordinates to be off. I also noticed that you still have a face under the stairs which causes the top steps to look a bit funny. If you move the object to the middle of the coordinates using the transforms tab it should definitely help move things along.

I also would recommended resetting the View by hitting view and selecting VIEW ALL.

You’re zoomed in all the way and it just makes it very difficult to move around the file.

Once you remove the face under the stairs you should be able to select the edge of the rails and move it down slightly to cover up those holes.

I hope this helps.

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