Pyramid with roof

(updated added a 3rd version which is even closer to the image I had in mind)

I think I had to use info from one of the later lectures like 35 or 36 to delete the top face (of the n-gon) and redraw a face by just selecting 4 corner vertices b/c I really wanted to roof to extrude out to a single point.

the proportions of the top building are a bit too tall for the pyramid overall but I wanted to have enough space to play around with the types of angles I wanted to try out.

(updated added a 2nd version which is a little closer to the image I had in mind)

I just sort of added a roof and something like reverse awning. initially I wanted to actually make the roof merge into one point but think some of the extra loop cuts below (created for the steps) prevented that. it is pretty traditional.

I have a feeling proportion wise the door is going to be for kinda short people or for monkeys
:monkey::two_hearts: hahaha

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