Pyramid Scene - revisted

So day 3 and a few challenges on I actually had to make a pyramid like in my original scene. So i mporoved the design of the pyramid and revisited my scene with different lighting and smoothed the polygons. Hope you like it :slight_smile:



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Thanks bOBaN!

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A HUGE improvement. Glad you have taken the time to do a second update.
The composition is really good with nice light reflections.
Maybe after some other lessons, adding textures, particles, etc.
Can’t wait to see this scene again.

Great progress.


Nice scene…

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Thanks Rao :slight_smile:

And thank you FedPete yes I hope i can make it better in time, it sure is rewarding seeing my progress. Thanks for taking the time to comment and look.


Good improvement.

Progress is rapid in Blender as new abilities are learnt.

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Thanks NP5, that is good to know.

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