Pyramid Question

Instead of deleting the face and extruding edges, I divided the ramp with control R . . . see the edges going through the top of the pyramid. I then extruded and joined edges together. I did take care to get rid of extra vertices, but I didn’t do it the way you did. Is this idea a bad one since I created extra faces going over the top of the pyramid . . . or (while more sloppy and time consuming) should I just delete the lines? Want to get good habits from the start to produce professional models . . . :0D

I have now added the steps . . . again I couldn’t manage extruding the points so I extruded the edges. I could restrict the plane, etc., but the steps needed to be adjusted . . . probably because my pyramid wasn’t a perfect 1 to 1 ratio. It still came out looking ok . . . but is that good enough?

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