Pyramid Progress and Tip

Hello fellow learners!

I just finished the railings of my pyramid. I just wanted to share my progress and also a quick tip.

When connecting the bottom of your railings to the ground, a quick way to do it is just to select the edges (see picture to see what edge I’m talking about), look at it from the side, turn on increment snapping, press g, and then move the edges to the right place on the ground. Very fast!

Anyways, here’s my progress so far. I decided to do staircases on each side of the pyramid. It’s so easy to get carried away playing around with blender. But time to move on. Good luck guys and keep at it!


Welcome to this site.

Lots of ways to do things in Blender and you seem to be going well.

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Thank you!

Yes, that’s true.

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That’s exactly how I did it, just grabbed the edges and use the increment snapping with Absolute Grid Snap turn on, it took me like 3 seconds to get the rails to the right position.