Pyramid insetting

I didn’t quite understand the logic in the lesson to set the inset to 1m, by playing with the offset even and relative.

Does anyone have a better overview on it?

@Michael_Bridges This one seems to trip people up in the old content as well a little.

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Yeah, I was going through it last night and I managed to make my pyramid, but still not so clear about that part… :thinking:

Same here. Not sure why making it “even” changes it at all. Is it a difference in measuring from the vertices vs. measuring from the edges?

The “make even” function really comes into play when your are working with non-square shapes. If you try using even a rectangle with the inset function you will see that the default gives you a larger inset on the short sides than on the long sides. Thus if you’re modeling something like a window frame which really needs to be an even thickness around the window the ‘Make Even’ option can save you a lot of time.


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