Pyramid Challenge

Simple Pyramid, wish i could figure out to make my shadows sharper, the feel way to soft


it’s both about lighting and world color. i always make world color black so everything’s clear and sharp-looked. then what i do is using different colored and different placed lights. and also you can make it high contrast in render settings.


A good start to the pyramid.

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Cool looking pyramid scene!Nice work.

You will learn how to do that as you progress in the course.But if you are in a hurry and really want to know now try adjusting the values in the “shadow” options in the lamp properties(object data properties of the lamp) or try turning off the “soft shadows” in the “shadow” options in the “render properties”.

But not necessary at this point though, because as you reach the section 3 and 4 and onwards Mike will explain pretty much everything you need to know about shadowing.

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