Pyramid challenge Inset issue

Hi everyone. I"ve managed to somehow get myself stuck in what sounds like a fairly simple challenge. (I guess that means it is not that simple :stuck_out_tongue: )
For the inset pyramid challenge, I have created a base that is 20x20x2 as per the instructions.
After that, I go into edit mode, select the top face, press the I key and type 1
My issue is that I end up with this.

1m seems to be the full size of the cube.
I am sure I am missing something super simple here, but if anyone could help me understand what I am doing wrong it would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


You forgot to apply scale!

The scaling of the object is different than the scaling of the mesh inside!


I did indeed. Thank you very much for that!
I really appreciate the help.

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