Puzzling if minor problem SOLVED

After going through the steps in the lecture, I ended up with an archway similar to the one demonstrated. However , there was a minor difference in that the base of the archway has a slight tilt when seen from the front orthographic view(see attached photo). I guess this isn’t a major problem as I can convert the curve to a mesh and move the edge up slightly to correct it. I am curious though as the problem seems to be inherent in my curve fitting process, neither the archway curve direction, nor the archway profile has a tilt, and the original extruded archway is fine, so I wonder how the tilt has come about. I have tried everything I can think of to correct it moving and rotating both the profile and curve objects and adjusting the origin points. So does anyone have any ideas?

OK I think I finally solved this. While looking at the archway curve in the next lesson I noticed that the were two vertices very close together at the base of the archway curve (so close that i had overlooked them previously). They were also slightly out of alignment in the x direction. I deleted the lower vertex and the tilt disappeared so it looks as though the vertex was the cause of the problem. I suspect this arose because original extruded geometry, which was used to create the archway curve, was slightly wonky. I suppose the moral of this is to get your geometry right up front otherwise slight problems might follow you through subsequent modifications.


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