Purpose of the Main Function

Hi all, I am completely new to programming, but I am taking this course to begin exploring game design as a career path.

As a newcomer, I am not sure exactly what the main function does. My guess would be that it is the starting point for all subsequent functions or processes. Essentially, I think it tells the program where to begin.

For example, if we have a series of code, it will always begin within the main function.

Let me know if I’m right or wrong (or a bit of both). I’m looking forward to learning and I hope this course can help me develop a new skill set!

Yes, that’s true for C/C++. That might not be the case for other programming languages. Also, while programming with C++ inside UE, you don’t have to worry about the main function, which is abstracted away from you. Meaning: it is handled for you, for your convenience.

I could be wrong but in my opinion the Main Function is the main algorithm that runs the program. To put it simply it is the part that make the program work.

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