Purply bowling ball and pins render

Behold, my render! Originally my pin material was somewhat see-through, but I had to change it since I experienced some issues with lighting and rendering. That material was nothing but trouble for a noob like myself :stuck_out_tongue: I also tried to make my bowling ball look sparkly. However, I don’t think it looks sparkly at all in a rendered image. Still, it’s a fun-looking material, so I decided to leave it like that. I’m quite satisfied with my scene even though it’s not really what I had in mind originally. Hope you like it too! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community.
Cool looking smash scene!. Nice shiny bowling ball and pins. I like your choice of color for the pins. Great texture on the ball too! Great job. Have fun!


Very nice scene! I don’t usually like the bowling renders too much but this one stood out! I can definitely see the sparkle in the ball and I absolutely love it. You pulled it off very well. It’s not overbearing and still remains noticeable. Great job!


Thanks you :slight_smile: I’m glad you like my work!

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Thanks! Hearing things like this really helps boost confidence. :slight_smile: And I’m glad you like my sparkle hahah


Love this one! Great colors and composition and cute bowling ball with the star theme.

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Thank you! Glad you like it :smiley:

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