Puppet walking around tree

An animated Lego puppet. Walking around a tree.


This is really nice Fed! Love the animation :slight_smile:

It would seem our Lego people have similar taste in attire :wink:


Yeah, they spread like zombies. But it’s an easy to make and easy to animate object. Especially when using Blender render. I was thinking on making a small movie. But I have too many projects and ideas.

I used this figure for the Blender Character Creator course. But now, I switched over to a full mesh figure. Because of the bone-bending and mesh handling study, Which is fairly simple on stiff Lego figure.

But then I thought, I make an animation to publish on SketchFab. And that resulted into a big struggle.
The composition needs to be lowered. A simple grab -Z I thought. But then the animation broke down.
So I left it. Next time I start with the correct SketchFab centre. But I learned a lot.

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Sounds like we went in a very similar direction. When I started the Characters course I got the block model creation part and wanted to do a little bit more than just a cube dude, but at the same time not going too nuts. Thankfully my son has a lot of Lego so finding inspiration didn’t take long.

I found a couple of guides online which I had to refer to eventually, although managed to do a lot of the initial model myself first, the arms were challenging, just thinking in a different way etc. Then I had an issue with the leg holes on the back where I had added a vertex colour to a number of verts but didn’t realise, so I had this weird shadowy effect for ages until I stumbled across that.

I got as far as the animation part and that was where my laptops hard drive failed… lol… typically… took a bit of time but eventually got a new drive and everything rebuilt but then didn’t head back to Blender, I really must pick it up again, I was looking forward to animation the arms and legs to make this little guy walk / run.

I had started a piece of scenery also but got incredibly bogged down with trying to not to have an ngons, its on my Sketchfab page actually if you want to take a look. It’s a bulk head. I wanted to add the bolts that went through it but as I added each one I was creating a tonne more ngons. I began to wonder whether I was trying to be too “perfect” and should just “get it done” and not worry but then at the same time wanted it to be “right”.

I had about 6 styles of bulk head to create but I was trying to create the main frame initially so that I could modulerise it a bit, e.g. just change the middle bit each time. Was a really nice feeling bringing my own little asset into Unity :slight_smile:

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