Pseudo Code: Here is my big waste of time

//Welcome to the BullCow Word game
// explain the rules
// Print “Please press “Enter””

// HealthCheck(Health)
//if(Health <= 0)
// Print (Death msg)
// Game()
//check each letter of the input against HiddenWord
//Print “number of bulls” << “number of cows”

// BullCowGame()
//Set the hidden word
//Check hidden word
//Give player word length

//FString PlayerGuess(request from player)
//if(PlayerGuess == HiddenWord)
//Print(“you win”)

//Print “do you want to play”
//Print “yes/no answer only”
//FString Play?(Player input)
//if (Play? == yes )
//int PlayerHealth(5)
//else if (Play? == no)
// say goodbye and close game
//Print “yes/no answer only”

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Why do you say it is a big waste of time?

I dont see a waste of time here… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Looks like you do have a plan for what to do :+1:t4: