ProtoCrack - A synthwave inspired Arkanoid clone

Sorry for not posting an idea for the Number Wizards game. Promise I didn’t skip it, just didn’t have any ideas worth talking about. Gonna be working solo on this one, unlike the text adventure where my friend wanted to help out.

Forgive me for the bad story pitch… I’m a programmer, not a writer.

Game Pitch:
In ProtoCrack, you are an intrepid cyberspace hacker in the distant year of 20XX who is trying to break into the network of InterLife, the creators of cyberspace who have been suspected of doing very shady things to its user base. Using your trusty ProtoCrack program, you try to bust through the network’s defenses to get into the mainframe and find out what they don’t want you to find out…

Background Image:

Thanks to the artist, voytekpavlik! Sauce

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I love the synthwave theme, very cool!

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Very cool look