Property changes done in BP do not get saved for class components - BUG?

Every time I close and open Unreal, properties disappear from Tank_BP.
Static Mesh on all components (barrel, turret, tracks) - everything EXCEPT the Tank root;
Physics material on all components (used on tracks);

Every time I go in to work on the project I have to redefine it. For the time being I made a BP constructor script, but it doesn’t work 100% either.

I thought it had to do with having EditDefaultsOnly. Tried changing everywhere to EditAnywhere. Didn’t help.
At some point I thought deleting any UPROPERTY from a class solves it, but tried again and it doesn’t.

In short - C++ classes don’t maintain properties defined in the Tank_BP.

Anyone knows how to solve it?

Forgot to mention I’m on 4.21.0

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