Propeller flew to Centre ...?

Hi , Tried starting again from earlier save but perhaps I should go farther back …
Tried - object parent object -Propeller Parent to Plane Parent but Propellrer Parent shot off to the centre of the scene ?

Guess ill start farther back tomorow …

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Still not totally sure what you mean, but my best guess, based on your screenshot, is that some/all of your object origins are no longer centered. Because objects rotate around their individual origins, if those origins are not at the center, the result you get is more like an orbit than a rotation.

Try resetting the origins of the plane parts. In Object Mode, RMB–>Set Origin–>Origin To Geometry (not to be confused with Geometry To Origin - this will move your plane); it might also be worth checking to see if you have applied your transforms. You will most likely have to redo your animation once you do this, but that part’s easy once things move the way you expect them to. Good luck =)


OK … Thanks … Ill give it a go … Happy Eastering

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