Propeller flew away?

I deleted a Empty Parent on Propeller and Replced it with another (circle)
I then object parent objected it to th Plane Parent and then
Propeller and blasdes I objject prent objected to the Prpeller partent

… so they shot out to the middle of the world ?

The Type Title of the Ask also very glitchy ?Difficult to get writing into it

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Hi, You’ve tagged the Unreal course. I assume you mean Blender?

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sorry … Thanks

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You seem to be experiencing a lot of problems with this, and I haven’t seen anyone else mention anything similar. I wonder if there’s something on your machine interfering with it in some way. What system are you using when creating these posts? (I’m assuming it’s the same one you use Blender with, but if not, let us know that too).

Also, sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Can you try explaining again more clearly?

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A bit difficult to explain, but it has to do with the way you work and how the ORIGIN point works in relation to the real world coordinates (0,0,0) AND traditions in scaling and other relations with objects.

Your airplane has an empty too!
Use that as THE PARENT for other EMPTIES as the one for the PROPELLOR!

Then everything is related to the airplane empty. And that will be the center coordinate for all the airplane objects!

  1. Select Circle empty and do a shift s “Cursor to selected”
  2. Select propellor and do a shift s “Selection to cursor”

and if you didn’t do this already:

  1. Parent propellor to Circle Empty
  2. Circle empty to airplane empty

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