Projectiles launching but not respawning

I wrote the same code. The compilation was successful. But the projectiles didn’t disappear after getting launched. I even tried copying the entire code. But it didn’t work. Please help. Or I can send you my project for examination.

Do you have this code in your projectile class?

And if you do did you add it after making a blueprint out of this class? As that would mean it didn’t propogate.

yes, I have this code in my projectile class. But this was supposed to be the code for projectile launch only. I added the following after the existing one:

I’m not sure what you mean by this

If you mean you just added line 22 then that’s not going to make it into the blueprint as previously explained. You will need to go into the projectile blueprint and search for the initial life span in the details panel.

What I meant was, till the ‘using dynamic delegates’ lecture, I have written all the code correctly. And the projectile is also launching but after that its not disappearing. Could you please send me that google form so that I can send you my project and you make the required changes and explain what was wrong in it??

Sure, it’s

Hey Dan, I have sent you my project through the form. Please have a look at it and tell me where is the problem coming.

It’s what I said. You added the code for the initial lifespan after creating the blueprint which means this is all that happened to the blueprint when you added that code.

You gave it that yellow arrow as it’s now “modified” from the (new) default value. So just click it and it should work as expected.

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