Projectiles Falling Through Floor

Unreal Engine 5 C++
Lesson 2.16 Spawning Actors

I was able to follow the lesson successfully and decided to add Left and Right key events which worked as expected. But if I add a Z impulse instead X for the R key event, the projectile jumps as expected but then falls through the floor. Playing around with it I discovered if I make the projectile sphere large enough, and/or the Z impulse force small enough, it does not fall through the floor. So I’m guessing it is not a bug but some physical calculation.

Is there a simple explanation or can someone suggest documentation?


Does enabling “Use CCD” on the static mesh help?

Yes, that does help. However, it affects the behavior of spawned projectiles. Without it enabled the impulse on the forward vector works as expected. With it checked it does not. Projectiles fly off to the left or straight ahead, or come in from the left or right, depending on how where the pawn is facing. I’m not too worried about it at this point, just trying to understand it.

Thanks for the reply!!

You’re probably hitting the pawn. Change the collision profile on the static mesh to custom and then select it to ignore Pawn.

That did the ut!!


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