Projectile not working anymore

I have a problem, my projectile every time one of the sphere spawns in the world it doesnt “fly” anymore, my UE Versión is 4.15.
I have ProjectileMovementComponent->Activate(), and i already make sure the game gets to that point in the code.
I have already checked all of my BP, the tank has the projectile_BP and i have all this new code from the last video

    CollisionMesh = CreateDefaultSubobject<UStaticMeshComponent>(FName("Collision Mesh Component"));

LaunchBlast = CreateDefaultSubobject<UParticleSystemComponent>(FName("Launch Blast Component"));

I don´t know if anyone else has the same problem, but please if you know anything tell me, I have been here for hours.

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Ok I solved it. The problem is the socket is really close to the Collision Mesh of the barrel, if you have this same problem try moving it a little or turn off the collision mesh of the barrel.


Dude, you really saved a lot of my time and nerves :smiley:

I spent to hours to figure out, why after lecture “Preparing for particles” my particles stopped flying.
Moving socket on Barrel helped.

Thanks a lot!

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