Projectile firing in one direction only

My blueprints are exactly the same as Sam’s but my projectile is firing in one direction only (behind me) despite the camera rotation. I am using Unreal Engine 4.27 but I don’t think that should make a difference, should it? My blueprints are as follows:

I haven’t used Unreal much myself but this lecture is for Unreal 5.0 and above (it doesn’t say above, however I’m using 5.3 and it functions fine.) I would suggest trying out at least Unreal 5.0 and seeing if things work out correctly. I think the main difference between both versions is a bit of an engine overhaul so there might be some sort of difference in 4 than for 5 in terms of what does what. Let me know how it goes!

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Hi there!
My PC doesn’t run UE 5 very well(non-usable) which is why I stuck with UE4 but everything in the course so far has worked perfectly with no issues at all (I am towards the end of the CryptRaider part now). I saw another learner with the same issue on the forum complaining about this on UE5 too I think.

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Ah okay, well I’m glad it’s at least working out for you, getting through the project that is (I myself just started the course today, I’ve already got game dev experience, so it’s a bit slow for my pace). Unreal is definitely a hefty engine, I remember when I first tried to learn it a couple years ago, didn’t have a good pc at the time, but was going through a tutorial, everytime I went to compile I had to wait like 5 mins lol.

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