Projectile Destruction doesn't work

Hello, I have a Problem with my Projectiles in my ToonTanks Project. I am in the Section “Using Dynamic Delegates”, and the Problem is that my Projectils dosn’t get destroyed. They despawn after the Initial LifeSpan is over but the Function “Destroy();” didnt let them despawn. I have compared the cod from the last thre Sections, but nothing was wrong. Can someone help me?

Have you tried logging just before the call to Destroy?

Yes I do, but it isn’t calling the whole Function anywhere.

This is My ProjectileBase.cpp:

And .h:

.h2020-09-16 17_03_00-ToonTanks - Microsoft Visual Studio
Maybe there is an issue

So 0 logs? I suggest you delete your projectile blueprint and recreate it.