ProjectBoost with Flowing Lava Planet, TriggerButtons and many more!

Can you find all alternative paths to end of the level?!

Hey guys! I would love to share with you my ProjectBoost which is still in making, but I really put a lot of effort into these 5 levels and would love to get some feedback from you. There are Multipath ways levels, Custom Platforms with TriggerButtons, Dark theme levels and many more! Work is still in progress, I want to make more levels, custom rocket, menu, sounds, but i need to know if this is going the right way, or is it too hard or something. I know that last two levels are harder, but thats on purpose. Thank you for your feedback, really loving this project and tutorials.

CONTROLS (As always with project boost !:smiley:) :

A-D -> Rotate

SPACE -> Boost

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Congratulations on your game! I love this so much! I will definitely love to play this! What was your inspiration for the design?

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Thank you so much ! <3 Well, It was a group of continuous thoughts because I wanted to have a Floor made out of lava so player would be scared to land, but i made a cube with red material and also lava material but it didnt look quite how i wanted so I thought when we have gravity inside game I would use Planet so rocket actually have a meaning for gravity :slight_smile: Problem was that planet was so big I had to made it inside Blender becuase there were so low polygons for such a big object :smiley: And then a lot of time spent on playing with Bloom so planets look more natural and vibing. :slight_smile:

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