Project “Yggdrasil Online” 1-Page GDD

Project “Yggdrasil Online” 1-Page GDD

Sword Art Online meets Destiny

Genre: RPG, 3rd Person free camera RPG, ?Multiplayer?
Target Audience: T for Teen
Controls: Mouse & Keyboard, Controller
Thematic Setting: Fantasy RPG
Tech Stack: Unity 5+, Blender, Inkscape/Photoshop
Platform(s): Steam
Game Moment: Fly over a landscape and swoop down to do battle in a crowd of mobs, with allies to help your character.

Note: Multiplayer isn’t anticipated for a very long time. I have experience with UNET but I know MMORPGs are a very huge undertaking, servers alone cost a lot of money. I am thinking small first, but at some point, I do like how Destiny did multiplayer. 1 large hub of players, but a certain max number of players per map. That way I can keep the Quality of a single player game and mix it with the excitement of playing with friends and RPing.

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