Project Sub - Your chance to become a deep sea explorer!

Project Sub - The Deep Sea Cave

Navigate through a series of deep see caverns but beware… the cave walls and surfaces are hazardous and will destroy your vessel and set you back!

Try it out here - Project Sub - The Deep Sea Cave Experience


Space- thrust
A - rotate left
D - rotate right
S - reverse thrust

This is my first game so please comment & share! All feedback greatly appreciated appreciated. I’m eager to adapt and evolve this project as I continue to learn so look out for future versions.

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After play testing with a few people, I’ve modified the game and released a second version.

Link to game:

Update Notes:

  1. Made a few levels slightly easier to complete early on
  2. Changed the audio on the sub collision as it was too loud and sudden for players
  3. Changed version 2 so that it loads the previous level on collision instead. Players would get too frustrated at having to go back to the very start. This combined with the difficulty meant no one managed to get past level 4. I feel this change makes it so that players can still feel as accomplished completing level and offers a better chance at learning later levels and skills to complete the game.
  4. Finally, added in some extra lighting and altered some that was already in the scenes but not actually highlighting any objects.

After completing the Normal Mode, Hardcore mode would be a step up for those keen to challenge themselves.

Hope you all enjoy!