Project "Stomp" 1-Page GDD



Diablo meets space survival.

Genre: 3rd Person, RPG
Target Audience: R rated, Hardcore Gamers

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard, Controller

Thematic Setting: Futuristic Space Survival

Tech Stack: Unity 5+, Blender, Gimp / Photoshop, Audacity

Platform(s): Windows & Mac (Steam), Console

Game Moment: Ranged hero against a wave of enemies, with a turret being placed.


Nice! I’m in.


Another reference image. The original inspiration for Stomp - the HL2:episode 2 mission wherein you protect the tunnels that light up as the antlions flood it.


First arena! Better than Matt’s :wink:


Get rekt?


Fine you win.


Haha this thread is cute.


You’re not going to back down that easily, are you Charlie?


We’ll be starting up again next week - so follow the thread for updates on what the 2 of us get up to! :stuck_out_tongue:


Dam right I’m not backing down! :rage:


Nice idea!! :ok_hand: