Project Starship Boost

A small demo of my build for Project boost. Plan to come back to it and add more levels and other features to make it more interesting. The crystals in the wall were honestly the hardest part.


Great job!! I love the look of this–it gives off a very ancient alien temple sort of vibe. I think the crystals look fantastic! (This project made me want to put crystals in the walls too lol!)

Just a thought, if you do come back to this project, maybe use an emissive material or put a small, purple OmniLight3D inside each of the crystal clusters to give them a bit of a glow?

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m working on other things right now, but not a terrible suggestion. Although, I think I just need to get better at writing shaders. I’ve seen some incredible things done in shaders to include glow. Just need to learn it. One thing at a time, lol.

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