Project Share: KreCode videos

I decided to create videos, but I had trouble managing my free time to get the work done. This course helps me to stay in focus, and figure out my obstacles in the progress. My biggest enemy was the time. I’m a stay home mom, with only 60-90 minutes of contiguous free time. It was pretty humping when a video edit take more days, and none of my post-its were gone (editing was not finished). So I figured out a way to calculate a percent of my video editing status. It creates more post-its, but I can make them “done”, and it is a good feeling. You can check out my 2 already created videos in here:

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I love this videos! Keep up the great work. It’s hard finding time but it looks like you’re still finding a little bit of time to grow, learn and make videos. You’re doing awesome :100: