Project "Sanctified"

Baldur’s Gate / Diablo Gameplay meets Vampire Masquerade in a Supernatural Modern World

Genre: RPG (3rd person, fixed camera RPG)
Target Audience: T for Teen (Possibly Mature)
Controls: Mouse, Keyboard )
Thematic Setting: Modern Fantasy (Supernatural in modern day with fantasy elements)
Tech Stack: Unity 5+, Blender, Gimp/Photoshop, Audacity
Platform(s): Steam, (Mobile?), (Console?)
Game Moment: Combat affected by dialogue/class choices that can have a variety of successes/failures

thats an intresting combination dont see many modern genre games guess people see to think we all wanna escape

Well to some degree I agree an escape is nice, but personally I’m a little tired of the fantasy and sci fi so want to escape to a wrold I can relate to but add the fantasy type elements to it. :slight_smile: Will see how it goes!

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