Project purge data when reopen

I’m using UE 5.1
I created a C++ class for character and BP_Character based on this C++ class.
When I open it again UE and BluePrint don’t see the parent class.
I compiled all code in Visual Code before opening UE, I used Live Code.
I also removed all generated files and regenerated the project files again.

I created a new C++ class and still blue don’t see this class on the dropdown for parent classes:

  1. Are you able to create a new blueprint from this class i.e. not reparent an existing BP
  2. Are you sure you compiled successfully and used the right task?

I had built on Visual Studio successfully and on live coding inside UE.
I was able to create a new blueprint from this class and compile it inside the blueprint graph.
But when I open the previous blueprint I still wasn’t able to change parent class (on the same session in UE)

Are you implying that in a new session you can?

I removed the character class and created it again from scratch, and builder blueprint, and now it’s working.

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