Project "Grimm" 1-Page GDD

Devil May Cry meets RWBY

Hack n’ Slash, 3rd person over the shoulder camera Hack n’ Slash.

Target Audience:
M for Mature


Thematic Setting:
Future Fantasy - Transforming weapons, Monsters, corruption

Tech Stack:
Unity 5+, Blender/Maya, Substance suite / Photoshop

Steam, PS4, Xbox One

Game Moment:
10 minutes of simple level flow, basic combat (combo fighting and taking damage, form swapping) with multiple enemy types.

Game Summary:
A character action brawler about a woman trying to find her soul in a world that fears/hates her.

Core Player Experience:
Fighting within the game will be fast-paced and focused on the player performing combos to execute stylish move-sets to make the player feel powerful.

Central Theme:
Melancholy, Human Condition of Tragedy and Sacrifice

Design Pillar:

  • Story: Project Grimm is a linear game which will rely on a narrative lead. Everything within the game will tie into the story in a variety of forms from the mechanics to the art style and design. The game will focus on the story of the Main character and not a player created story.

  • Combat: Fighting within the game will be fast-paced and focused on the player performing combos to execute dynamic move-sets. The player will also be able to fight in two distinct styles and being able to switch between the two. This will offer the player to combine different combos to create unique move-sets by linking/combining what is available to the player. There will also be a non-combat form that will allow for players to evade and traverse the battle area.

  • Transforming: During the game the player will have the ability to transform the main character into three distinct forms. One normal form that allows players to blend in the natural world. Second form that allows the player to fight like a uncontrollable beast. Then the third form allowing the player to fight with grace and elegance.

  • Progression: In the game there will be a progression system that as the player uses more of one form over the other the world will react to that level of progression. Please note that this is not a good or evil meter it is simply the game reflecting the narrative based on how the player is using the in-game mechanics.

Anticipated Remarkability:
Stylish/Dynamic Combat, Human Condition, Form changing

Anticipated Vertical Slice Launch Date:

Feature Development Priorities:

  • Combat system (Combo based)
  • Basic progression system for both “Heavy and Quick” forms
  • Responsive player input and game feedback
  • Camera controls
  • Quick level reset
  • One level with AAA polish (Arena Based)
  • Simple UI HUD

Comparative Products:

  • Overwatch (Artistic Style)
  • RWBY: Web Show (Artistic Style)
  • Devil May Cry (Combat System)
  • Bayonetta (Combat System)
  • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (Menu Layout)
  • Grim Dawn (Skill Tree Layout)
  • World of Warcraft (Skill Tree Layout Simplified)
  • Dark Souls Series (Camera Control)
  • Bloodborne (Camera Control)
  • Fighting Games like Tekken, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear (Input Response)
  • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (Skill Tree Layout)
  • Shadow of the Colossus (HUD Layout)
  • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (HUD Layout)

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