Project "Earthrise" 1-Page GDD



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Diablo meets Skyrim

Genre: RPG, 3rd person fixed camera action RPG
Target Audience: T for Teen
Controls: Mouse & Keyboard, Controller
Thematic Setting: Medieval fantasy - swords, knights, dragons, etc.
Tech Stack: Unity 5+, Blender, Gimp / Photoshop, Audacity
Platform(s): Steam
Game Moment: Explore a single level (a town?), accept a narratively interesting quest to fight the monsters there, and level up the skills you use to solve the problem.

Game Summary: Exploring the world of Earthrise, players will be able to meet interesting NPCs, organically develop the play style that suits their interests, use their best skills to fight enemies and solve puzzles, and complete narratively-rich quests in the way that fits their character best. Skill-styles will include: mercenary, rogue, sorcerer, bard.