Project "Discord" - Importing Humanoid Animations

Back again :slight_smile: I’ve been working on the map some more and have some height to the terrain. I bought a few $1 assets and have been using them mainly to gauge where I would want things, how things will feel. The art style is similar to what I’m aiming for so it’s easy to get a feel for the game when the art is similar :slight_smile:

In-Game View, from camera perspective


I had an issue with the collider being calculated incorrectly for some weird reason; I kept on having the feet slightly through the floor. Checked the bones, checked the transforms, moved collider around, increased/reduced sizes, but the ThirdPersonCharacter.cs was modifying the collider incorrectly. I ended up applying a 0.2f increase to the calculation in the script itself to fix it and now he stands on the ground properly.
Hopefully nobody else experiences this frustration :wink:

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