Project could not be compiled try rebuilding from source manually

I have spend quite a while trying to rebuild again and this is where i ended, i cant solve the log now
I Have tried deleting .vs, saved, Intermidate etc and the .sln file multiple times and rebuilding. The log says that declaration hides class member, so i have tried changing class to public but didnt solve it. How would i fix it and also how would i figure out if its a module that i needed to include?

This is the log from saved folder:
Using Visual Studio 2019 14.29.30037 toolchain (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.29.30037) and Windows 10.0.19041.0 SDK (C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10).
Building 6 actions with 24 processes…
@progress ‚ÄėCompiling C++ source code‚Ķ‚Äô 0%
@progress ‚ÄėCompiling C++ source code‚Ķ‚Äô 17%
[1/6] Project_XWeapon.cpp
@progress ‚ÄėCompiling C++ source code‚Ķ‚Äô 33%
[2/6] MenuWidget.cpp
E:\Unreal Projects\Project_X_Repo\Source\Project_X\MenuSystem\MenuWidget.cpp(40): error C4458: declaration of ‚ÄėMenuInterface‚Äô hides class member
E:\Unreal Projects\Project_X_Repo\Source\Project_X\MenuSystem\MenuWidget.h(25): note: see declaration of ‚ÄėUMenuWidget::MenuInterface‚Äô
@progress ‚ÄėCompiling C++ source code‚Ķ‚Äô 50%
[3/6] Project_XGameInstance.cpp
E:\Unreal Projects\Project_X_Repo\Source\Project_X\Project_XGameInstance.cpp(67): error C4458: declaration of ‚ÄėMenu‚Äô hides class member
E:\Unreal Projects\Project_X_Repo\Source\Project_X\Project_XGameInstance.h(48): note: see declaration of ‚ÄėUProject_XGameInstance::Menu‚Äô
LogInit: Warning: Still incompatible or missing module: Project_X
LogCore: Engine exit requested (reason: EngineExit() was called)
LogExit: Preparing to exit.


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The parameter in SetMenuInterface has the same name as a member variable which shadows it. From 4.24 onwards this warning is now treated as an error.

Simply rename the parameter.

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Thank you Dan, you are a god :smiley:

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