Project Boost

Lost on a distant planet, you must navigate the crystalline wastelands to escape. Play this 5 level alpha build of Project Boost.

=== Goals ===
Boost through the scene from the Green Launch Pad to land safely on the Blue Landing Pad.

=== Keys ===
Space = Boost
A = Rotate Left
D = Rotate Right


I like the visuals of this, the crystals blend in well with the environment and it’s easy on the eyes. Some weird lighting glitches and maybe an addition of a win screen would boost this up. Great work!

Thanks, I wasn’t going to post it in the state it’s in but Ben and Rick were just insistent in that penultimate video and I was like “I can’t let them down”. I may revisit it after Argon Assault is finished.

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This is great!! I love the treatment of the background… has a really nice depth and everything reads very clearly. I felt the pacing was really good too… progressed in difficulty in a fun way. Overall has a nicely polished feel. Great job!!

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