Project Boost - Try my game :)

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Beat the 5 levels to play a space drifting map at the end.
Controls are A and D to rotate, Space to thrust.

I had a little bug with lights. They look different in the Unity editor vs the Built game as you can see in the image:

What might be the issue?


Rotation control was far to sensitive for me

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Too hard! Maybe put in a brake with ‘s’… and make boost ‘w’? Otherwise the controls are quite nice… i don’t think the rotation is too sensitive, it fits the type of game. I just think it feels like a 19’s platformer…

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Yeah, the rotation is fast so you can quickly turn and thrust the opposite way. That’s the only way you can brake. That’s the way rockets do it. Maybe I can add some flaps that help decrease the speed a bit.

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