Project Boost - my version of this game

Hello. Here is my version of the game. It was great part of course!


Did you model the level yourself?

Yes, I’ve made design of rocket and environment in Blender



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The levels are created nicely, you are talented in Blender and also in GameDeveloping

Thank you!

Great atmosphere! Love the music too

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this is so incredibly gorgeous I love this one

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Oh my Goodnessss! Wow… would you mind sharing some techniques on how you modeled the environment? I’ve always wanted to know how exactly people do stuff like that… Very cool!

Thanks! Sure. This techique is not too difficult for making.
I used Blender for creating 3D models for these scenes. At first I have made some simple shapes (I used planes), then subdivided them. Then I moved up and down some vertices to create first rock shape. And then I used Triangulate Modifier to make this triangle effect of the surfaces. Then I modified all rocks (I also used sculpting tools to make it faster) to get the final shape I wanted.
The plus of such method is that you can edit shape of surfaces during your work and see how the triangles are changing in real time. In the end you can apply this modifier to keep the final result. That’s how I made all my environment assets for this project :slight_smile:
I guess you can find some tutorials on Youtube or somewhere else if you want to know more about the process of creating such triangle low poly models.

Cool art style, simple and beautiful !

the only thing to develop is the A n D at least for me since when the key is press it also thrust in that direction without the espace being pressed, but thats it, the rest is wow mate and the music is tasty too!

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