Project Boost: Legend of the Magic Broom

Legend of the Magic Broom is a 5-level demo of my Project Boost!

You’re a wizard, Harry! While traveling through the forest, you stumble upon a hovering broom stuck in a thicket. As you approach, it hums with magical energy. You do what any wizard would do… and hop on! Master your new flying steed while you explore the forest.

Total Unity & programming noobie here - love this project! I’m planning to revisit to flesh out additional levels & mechanics after finishing the rest of the course. I’ve been brainstorming lots of other levels, ideas, and mechanics to explore - I’d love to hear what you think is interesting and fun.

I’m really looking for feedback on movement and how you’d like to experience wizard flying :slight_smile: Also, interested to know what path you took for Level 5. What other obstacles or objectives would you like to see?

Link to demo build:


Love low poly style - you definitely should update the platforms to match the style. You need more levels and with greater difficulty - it’s quite easy to get to the end, although saying that I died lots of times!

Movement wise it works, however I got myself into moments where no matter the move I made I die. i.e. if I got too close to the clouds, I couldn’t twist because the broom part hit the cloud, but if move forward hit another obstacle. It would be cool if there was some sort of mechanic, reverse or something else that would allow yourself at least a chance of getting yourself out of those sort of jams.

All said and done - definitely liking it.

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Wow, thanks for the awesome thoughtful feedback!! Very appreciated :slight_smile:

When you say platforms, are you referring to the launch & landing platforms? If yes, I totally agree… looking at it now, those definitely stick out. :laughing:

I’ve definitely been struggling to find correct movement settings, great feedback on this. I’ll play around with a reverse mechanic and see how it goes… Like you said, I don’t want to make it TOO easy! (Although maybe adding the reverse mechanic would allow for more difficult level design puzzles.)

Thanks again!


Great work, Phindah! I really like the whole look and feel, right down to your font choices. The movement felt good, and one big plus is the lack of gravity. Not having to constantly maintain altitude gave the game a more relaxed pace than the typical seat-of-your-pants feel of other Project Boosts. With large and intricate levels it would make for a nice puzzler.

When I first played last week, I had some frustration with movement like sambas mentioned above. Level 3 was really tough because it was hard to thrust enough to get past the first obstacle without drifting right into the second. Playing again this morning, I’m thinking the drift is the challenge that replaces maintaining altitude. To give us at least a bit of safety net, my suggestion is a limited-use powerup for a second or two of invulnerability so we can get out those tight spots.

As for Level 5…well, that was actually the easiest part of the game. I simply bypassed the obstacle entirely by flying across the top of the screen. Did the same for Level 4, too.

Looking forward to playing your future projects!

The art and the theme of this game feels very cozy and friendly, i really like it! you have very good creativity. And the no Gravity made this game stick out from the rest! took me some time to get the grip on it :smiley: A question thou have you made this assets yourself? and if so what program did you use? Blender?

The only thing i can come up that could improve this game even more is maybe add variation to the different levels. With that i mean make each level stick out and be a bit different theme? You clearly have the creativity so i would be very intressted to see that. (but of course that requires spending maybe more time then needed on this project)

Hey David :slight_smile: Super thoughtful & helpful feedback!

I totally agree with the feedback for level 3 - I feel like it’s probably the most difficult level out of all of them. (I think I maybe was too good at the movement from playtesting to feel this on my own, but I’ve heard similar feedback across the board now.) Love your idea about a limited-use ability to help on each level. I did try to make the drift-mechanic feel difficult, but if its too much… maybe there is a “go backwards” limited-use button. Hmm :thinking:

As for level 4 & 5, I feel like I’m seeing people’s true colors now, ha! Before releasing I though, “I should probably put in some collider walls to stop people from going around… but they won’t do that, will they??!” You dirty cheaters :stuck_out_tongue: (KIDDING!) If I were to release a full game, I will definitely put the borders around the screens haha. I’ve learned!!

Thanks again for the feedback, really appreciate it!

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:wave: Hi Alex! Ahhh, thanks for the kind words - I’m really glad you like the movement & theme. (Low-poly stuff FTW!)

As for the assets, I grabbed an asset pack for the clouds & tree tops. However, everything else was made with ProBuilder in Unity. (I can’t tell you how long I spent on that silly broom!) I’m really interested in learning Blender in the future.

Totally agree with the level variation. You did a kick-ass job at this on your project, really inspirational for me! (Hopefully I can be as creative as yourself!! Keep it up!)


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